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Benson & Partners is recognized with its quality driven processes, that exceed expectations by actively listening to its clients and consistently delivering results.

Since 2002, IESF & Partner Firms have been helping leaders, to become more successful and deliver the 'Excellent' results for their organisations. 

From being local experts; we have grown organically with our clients to become an international company with teams spread across the globe, wherever our clients need us. 

Today Benson & Partners is a leading Executive Search and Management Advisory firm in Europe, Middle East, and Americas Regions. 

The core competence of our Partners is still our advisory capacity and our unique competence in finding, selecting and developing the right executives that fulfill our clients' needs.  

We exist to make sure organisations always have the right leadership capabilities in place so they deliver the 'Excellent' results. 

Our Senior Partners committed to acquisition of the best executives in the region. We have attracted the most successful search partners with cutting edge industry and functional expertise. 

This high caliber of search professionals will improve your executive acquisition process and allow your company to better understand the marketplace and the competitive landscape. 

Benson & Partners - IESF Regional Meeting in Milan, Italy



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Milan, April 2019


The IESF Regional Meeting 2019 took place on March 28 and 29 and was hosted by Alessandra Conte from Alexander & Duke in Milan, Italy. 

There were 20 attendees from 10 countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Romania, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, Turkey and Denmark.

During the conference, the partners had the possibility to discuss and exchange different practices that are being applied in their countries, as well as get a deeper insight on several topics such as the future of the industry, their business strategy, trends, and the impact of the new technology.

As every year, European partners of IESF meet at the Regional meeting in March in a chosen European city. Later on, in the same year, is held the Annual Global Meeting, which is attended by all IESF partners and is taking place in a chosen country around the globe. This year, in September, the meeting will be hosted in the city of Montreal, Canada.